The Heart of The Telling

The dialogues embrace the celebration of living through recognizing that every soul has its unique destiny and innate intelligence that transcends convention, dogma, model, method and system.

In reading The Telling, the words can evoke experiences of awakening into one own’s life.

The reader can participate through words, that are spoken in a way the soul naturally recognizes, because it understands when the soul is being truly seen.

The dialogues are a sacred oral exchange in the ancient Griot tradition scribed into a permanent document as a “living record”. It’s open-souled dialogic mode consciously rides the very ‘edge’ of awareness, allowing for new information to spontaneously emerge that generates a larger shared space.

“Cafe at the Edge of The World”, refers to the edge Dove and Jon fearlessly traverse between Jon’s everyday human life and a greater life variously known as the unknown, freedom, the unified field, beyond everything you think you know, the transpersonal, nature, the implicate order, the other side, death, the mystery or the divine.

Jon fearlessly brings his “edges” from everyday life circumstances that has a dual function – it “grounds” the dialogue in ordinary circumstances of a real human life in “real time”, which in turn, serves to bring through universal principles to which the reader can relate.

Dove serves as a clear witness to the subtlest soul level that Jon is willing to explore. His steadiness as a witness builds unswerving trust in Jon, allowing doors to open between them to startlingly original territory.

The Telling dialogues unfold naturally from real and ordinary circumstances as a series of inspired vignettes. Each one can be read as a stand-alone dialogue.

The Telling is evidence of our natural impulse to share and our collective ability as humans to retrieve ourselves. Souls can get lost or isolated by reacting to or accepting culture, without discretion. This is particularly relevant at a time when there is a sense of threat as old systems are eroding.

The Telling is an internet-based modality using the power of words to directly address the human condition and the despair in these modern times.

The Telling was born from the natural convergence of two lives. Dove mastered living in full connection with life. Jon steadfastly kept searching for meaning for 55 years. In the ensuing master-initiate relationship there was a mutual recognition that something larger than both of them was emerging between them. From the outset Jon was inspired to record word for word what was being spoken in their weekly meetings. A year later, a growing impulse to share resulted in the establishment of The Telling. Weekly meetings continued for 4 years.