Telling True Words Opens Space

JON:  I am seeing a connection with my Talking Flutes program. I use sound on the flute to reveal deep inner realities, the way you do it with words.The words add precision, give an architecture or explanation – they enliven everything. The flute and the words seem like complementary ways to bring what’s hidden inside out, to expand.

DOVE:  Light and sound are transcendent and adding the art of words is to anchor in and integrate the transcendent, in a process of getting more integrated. It’s about tuning in to the right words and knowing the right words exist. This reality can be articulated. “First there was the word” and it was “let there be light”. So  words are keys that open up a space. They flip on a switch and allow energy to land. The experience of your reality has a vibration and so does a word. It becomes the art of finding the corresponding word to fit the vibration and it makes transcendence ordinary.Words are like notes. A key principle of music is that it only happens in silence. Notes are dividing points and one is sculpting infinity.

JON:   So it makes sense that TELLING TRUE WORDS OPENS SPACE. On the other hand this integration seems hard to pull off. There is so much distraction from people and things in this world that keeps me from such clarity.

From “Anchoring The Transcendent”