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The Mind is Meant To Be An Agent Of Peace

We both had busy schedules to meet this week and our usual “appointment kept” got missed. I didn’t want to put my outside demands first – I had done that my whole life and it simply wasn’t going to happen anymore. I knew enough to know that much. This work was everything of life and I was actually getting some real instructions for living that worked. We course corrected and got some time on the phone for an hour on Saturday and an hour on Sunday.

JON: I am experiencing how the “hanging out” days are so important. It’s like I am lifted out of my ordinary day because of the way you respond to me. I catch myself in what I am doing right in the moment. It is truly liberating that I can stand bigger than all that repetitive “junk yard stuff.” I have a new chance at making the “heights normal”. I love that you pointed out that Normal Heights sign to me and I love that’s where I pick you up everyday to go to the park.

DOVE: Both modes are important. They are point and counter-point. Focused teaching sets you up and casual hang out days in the ordinary everyday scene integrate it.

JON:   These field trip experiences are bringing up where I really commit to consciousness and where I don’t. It’s on the ground and in the trenches. The field trips show me how much I don’t connect in an ordinary day and how I don’t feel whole. Normally it’s when the day is over that I feel I might then get a chance to feel whole. I want to feel whole all the time, Dove. That is how my commitment to life is up for examination.

A good example was when we were at the ocean. I said to you how I didn’t get what the ocean was all about even though I live right at it. You saw me disparaging and replied that all I need to do is to focus on my inside work and things like the ocean and its meaning will reveal themselves to me. I saw that the ocean was just the tip of something deeper. I was trying to communicate the struggle of how to stay awake in and through my ordinary daily life.

DOVE:  Situations are valuable in integrating where you are taking the mental realm out into living. It sensitizes you to the profundity of living and pulls you out of the abstract and makes it real. I am breathing life into your life, Jon, and that is very much how I have learnt. Look at what you are doing right now. You are getting that the universe, that deep conversation, is happening at all times and with all things that are around you. Everything is a message to you and has significance. I am guiding you to tap in, to plug in and am modeling situations to wake up in, making it normal and ordinary. It’s a subtle training and I am not even trying. I am just in the mode of paying attention and just hanging out with you Jon. The teaching happens naturally and telepathically.

We have spoken of the spiritual “perfect pitch.” There is a “perfect listening” to the real conversation manifesting in nature so that when there is a “bum note” you hear it.  You don’t invest in it with energy because you can hear that it is a wrong note. So it’s about that kind of attunement with spiritual “perfect pitch and listening.” Therefore in talking and communication you want to choose words and intonations that vibrate with perfect listening. There is an economy and directness and a more gracious process to use as a criteria for engaging. You get a perfect point of reference and then wrap words around it and get perfect pitch. As a poet you know the value and importance of using the right words. They have a vibration, a tone, a color; conversation like that can become a regular experience.

JON:  Getting the right words can be like chasing a butterfly. It can be an evasive and dexterous process.

DOVE:   When you are quiet and less frantic the butterfly will land on your finger. So when you are talking about something, that mode can be invoked. For example, at the beginning of a session of “Evening For the Soul” I declare, “we will open a dimension” and I do so, being in alignment where there is a certain authority. I know I can open dimensions, which are a function of knowing where to go and knowing that one can go. There is an art of speaking past the individual personalities.

For example, a mode of addressing Jon to speak past Jon’s identity and to directly address Jon’s soul, directly to the eternal part. That part already knows this stuff. I might say something people have never heard before like, “most people have never been welcomed here”. There is a certain resonance that I am addressing and there is a certain collective recognition that a truth was said from a place of knowing. A switch was flipped. In everyday situations there is a lot of chatter or white noise. Consciously cutting through that is so rare that people say, “what did you say?” That is a demonstration of a “perfect pitch”.

JON:  So it is about making my being a perfect instrument. That is what I attempted with my flutes. I am reminded that Hazrat Inaayat Khan has a disclaimer at the beginning of his book, “Mysticism of Sound and Music.” Basically, he states that he had to put down his Vina because it was interfering with his direct connection and that now he was the instrument and was tuning people instead of the Vina. So it’s about being plugged in and the ability to share it in an ongoing way. So “hanging out” with you is like an instrument being tuned.

DOVE:  With formal teaching, a piece of it is that we are disarming the psychic immune system by giving something for the mind to chew on and to point it to a reality system that is more aligned. That way, it doesn’t get in the way of saying “yes” to consciousness. I am coaxing the immune system to be on our side, so you are not going to get all cynical. There is a certain intra-psychic softening-up in stepping into a magical place and then it’s about integrating by hanging out. It’s like swimming in the dimension and getting used to it as in swimming lessons – getting accustomed to the water. It works.

JON:  In much of my normal day I am just so much in an automatic doing mode.

DOVE:  That mode is to be valued! It is important to see and to have compassion for a vast number of people in that consciousness. Part of the compassion is to understand where others are and to reach out to wake them up in the most gentle and conscious way for them.

JON:  I am truly understanding what it’s about to wake up. If I had always been awake, then knowing how to relate to those asleep would be more difficult. So I have a real “blood and bones identity” of being asleep like them and knowing exactly where they are at.

DOVE:  Shamans tune into nature and the universe and can hear that deep hum and see how it manifests in nature. Conversation is something they are engaged in with everything they say and do. That’s how the authority comes through. Understanding the everyday white noise of the everyday situations becomes easy.

JON:  It seems that ego has such a drag on being present and on choosing to stay present.

DOVE:  Ego gives a component of safety and familiarity that is consistent and predictable. It is a lifeline, a cord and a lifeboat, where there is comfort in the familiar. It’s part of the psychic immune system. As you identify with the eternal there is less of a need for that lifeline. You will get to it, and it’s about trusting yourself. Internally testing all the great truths, especially the Second Great Truth, “I Am Fine,” regardless of what is happening.

Actualization is within you regardless of what’s out there. “You Have the Seeds of Your Own Fulfillment Within You.” That’s the First Great Truth. You have yet to get to where you get fully introduced to yourself. Having that encounter is something to aim for. Then the need for the lifeline and lifeboat dissolves. You wouldn’t recognize that place if you were not already familiar with it. So, you are being formally introduced to your soul to make an effort to see who is actually there making sense of it all. It is a furtherance of the process of getting born into your own life. The lifeline is an aspect of the lie, a familiar aspect of the lie that gave you a sense of place. Now you are getting accustomed to your limitless nature and as that becomes real, uncertainty fizzles.

JON:  I have been looking at what my part is in falling out of consciousness and I can see that I am a very emotionally reactive person. I get swept away into small tight places, especially with Jenny who is also very emotionally reactive. I threw myself out again yesterday, damn it!

DOVE:  There is a curse with language.  “To damn somebody”, when you look at the words, is to literally create a dam and you to cut connection. To damn them is to cut them or yourself off and to kick them and you out of connection.

JON:  Like a beaver dam?

DOVE:  Or the Hoover Dam. It is a very common and classical dilemma that is everywhere. It’s part of the human dilemma of being in the third dimension.

JON:  It’s everywhere. People are cut off as the default position and everyone thinks it is just normal.

Hanging out with Dove was giving me a taste that everyday I could do my ordinary day things and be more fully alive at the same time. I didn’t have to pursue happiness. I didn’t have to ‘not be here’ again. I just didn’t know what to do and how to maintain it all everyday for the rest of my life. I could only really listen and listen more. Dove’s words were like sparkling drops of golden dew. He was giving me ‘the goods,’ plain and simple. I just listened and wrote and didn’t want to miss something. I could go over all this later.

DOVE:  In the allegory of Adam and Eve they were damned from the source, unplugged from the currency. The kicker is, what actually dammed them was an illusion. The trick was in the question asking them if they wanted to be like God. They believed it – that they were not Godlike already. Everything that damns is an illusion. The idea was they were not enough, and it was an illusion – that they were not God already. It is a functioning lie and in essence, the great lie. We are all on an expedition ferreting out the bits of the great lie. The idea that “I am not enough” is the illusion that I am not God already.

So, break it down like a scientist with a microscope and look deeply within. The notion of not being enough sparks existential fear and panic and the emotion that comes up is shame, shame that I’m not “getting it.” It plays on the inner nerves. Being the ‘spiritual detective,’ one is looking for lies. Whatever causes distress and pain or the essence of it is a lie. A lie that can be so subtle as to be only a vapor – a phantom fear that you might not be enough.

 Look at a little infant. Their agenda is to be worthy and to be taken care of. It is primal. The infant has no perspective like Adam and Eve to see that they are the most precious one there. They are equal members to their parent. They don’t have to do anything to bring their value up. The parent in the infant’s mind is God. So the infant is operating under an illusion and it makes them scream that parents might not be God. That panic is the death wail and all chakras are screaming. Listen and you can hear it. They don’t know they are equal. Distress is not based on truth. We have been conditioned for it but there is no reality to it.

Reactivity is inside. Again, play detective there – where is the lie living? It is living in the matrix of the heart, the essence of the psyche. There is a lot of drama around fear as the lie plays itself out. As the divine scientist in a subtle way you are being thrown into the “running experiment mode.” Even reaction and the mode of reactivity are running an experiment to discern what’s true, almost in a panic. Reactivity is being triggered into experiment mode, an unconscious automatic mode. So now you are learning to run the experiments consciously and the trick is to run the experiments consciously.

So, the question is how to do it? If we have a ready hypothesis rather than a reactive experiment we are ready to bring the unconscious to consciousness. The ready hypothesis is – “There is a lie.” What the lie is, is that somehow there’s an embellished belief that “I am not enough.” It’s always that hypothesis, that’s always the deal, Jon. So, run a detective search – Where do you believe that you are not enough?  and How is it configured? It’s a clunky and cumbersome process in the very beginning. Quickly it gets smooth and spontaneous and after a few times the mind learns it. It’s a retraining.

The mind is actually meant to work to keep you in union. Your mind is not the enemy and it can function to maintain connection and keep you plugged in. It becomes a function of my connection rather than a source of disconnection. It was developed to do so! With trauma and lack of perspective of how to get out, one gets hijacked by the mind.

So, a hypothesis serves as a “spontaneous correction” to stay plugged in. The hypothesis runs the program and doesn’t change anything. It lets you keep yourself which confirms the other great truths that you are here in 3-D and not just a distraction. The brain serves to keep you centered as aspect that maintains peace. It is economical and saves so much energy. As it becomes an installed part, its very vibration supports connection in everyone around you. It’s the  100th monkey effect or in T.M. the Marishi effect where critical meditators hit a certain critical mass that would calm down an area of crime in a neighborhood through creating a field/auric effect. Therefore it has a resonant effect, an alchemy and it’s the way it’s supposed to function. Mind is not meant to be a source of confusion. It was meant to be an agent of peace. So, I have just retrieved the instruction manual, doing the real scientist thing.

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