Most humans have not been welcomed into life

JON: When you told me those images I was having were “mine after all”, I realized there was a whole natural ongoing process that I have not been respecting. Somehow, I have forgotten about it and don’t think it has any value.

DOVE: We have been conditioned to self negate. The truth is that element of you, the images, are divine, divine in every aspect of the word and we did a formal reminder of that last week.

JON: It’s been awkward, thrilling, calming and relieving all at once to experience  that  a natural inner life is going on all the time.

DOVE: It’s normal to feel awkward and strange. One interpretation is it was a soul retrieval. MOST HUMANS HAVE NOT HAD THE EXPERIENCE OF BEING WELCOMED INTO LIFE.

JON: That explains the extremes this week of the gratitude for it and the grief I’ve been feeling of missing out on something much of my life.

DOVE: Yes. Most humans are at some level of grief and not aware of it, but it is still having an impact. There is a longing for connection. We have been conditioned to not even ask for it, not even allowed to formulate the questions, we don’t dare! It is looked upon as devilish, pernicious, as a convoluted tightly balled up mess, but, it is all there is. Connection is a being welcomed to be here.

JON: I have been more spontaneous and less “in role”, even giddy, more relaxed and to my surprise, practicing and talking about it all with Jenny.

DOVE: As I have had the experience of being welcomed I can then feel free about where others are at, spontaneously. With the experience of being in the center, others begin to intuit it is so and they get respite. They may not know why, but they get a micro mini- vacation.

From “Longing For Connection”