Michael Dove


Michael Dove is a new kind of spiritual master for our unique times. With Dove’s mentoring  process your soul is empowered to remain in charge at all times. He was born with a connection to spirit which was allowed to stay intact and he has carried it into adulthood as a guide for the soul. His parents nurtured and supported his spirituality and creativity, as did accomplished spiritual teachers who recognized his connection.

“Dove is a capable spiritual architect and carpenter of the loving world we all long for.”
Dr. Jesse Mills

He fulfils the potential of his mystical lineage through his embodiment of the African-American wisdom tradition. Dove has been associated with esoteric schools in Europe including experiences with Eastern European psychics. The International Community of African and Caribbean Healers recognize him as an Elder, and traditional Medicine People, especially of the Two-Spirit orientation, have stated their respect for his work.

“I have met Michael, his energy looms large with his compassionate nature. He is a master incarnate sharing with the World his gift.” Deshanta Atman, Southern California Healer

Dove has dedicated his life to addressing the human condition and suffering as well as revealing, celebrating and uplifting the magnificence of the human soul. He has worked with the dying and those with life-threatening illnesses. He is a pioneer and innovator using multimedia to bring spiritual teaching to the world and teaches apprentices around the world. The confluence of his life’s work resulted in his “Evenings For The Soul” where Michael and Jon crossed paths.