“Lostness” has become institutionalized, people are scared

JON: There is promise in your voice. What you say makes me feel real and it is oddly familiar.

DOVE:…You don’t want to be rudderless. You want to know where true north is always. You are the captain knowing the space and being aware of it, cultivating a sense of identity of the space. That identity, is who you are. That permeates into personality. It is an authentic place to sit, and one can let go of striving. Being so clear, you can deal with other variables. Doing, has become peoples identity which is inherently off center, off authenticity, to the point that LOSTNESS HAS BECOME INSTITUTIONALIZED and institutions themselves give the illusion of not being lost.PEOPLE ARE SCARED to death and so terror becomes institutionalized. Deep at the core, people are not sure.

JON: No wonder I’ve always felt confusion, inside and out. How do you know all this ? That’s exactly my life frustration and I’ve never worked it out

DOVE: Others can see, through seeing you, that everything is ‘off’ and that somehow you got that and can give a consistent response that seems to help. The agitation you feel has to do with the illusion of being disconnected. Unraveling the conundrum is the way to reconnect with the source. The key is to get acquainted with being in center, the art of standing next to the source. That facilitates it…its fun! It is an allowing, a stepping out of the way.

From “Penetrating Confusion”