Experience The Telling

The Telling is a literary art form where the vibration of the oral dialogue is carried in written form as a witnessing of events. There is an immediacy and improvisational nature to it, like verbal jazz or hitting a moving target. It entrains the sensibilities with the power of language as one is compelled to utilize new-found information in one’s own life.

It enlists a celebration and you want it in your life because it alerts you to your potential. Essentially it is a mapping, a literary mapping of an energetic exchange that can serve as a sort “food” to nourish the reader through the reading of it.

One can engage it in such a way that you penetrate it’s secret. You master it in a deep sublime transcendence even as you engage it. It is a medicine story, a literary homeopathy in the oral wisdom tradition. The reader can match with it vibrationally and energetically, which is not necessarily emotionally. The emotional aspect engages the identity. Matching energetically can go beyond the identity.