Energetics of Staying Aligned


Cultivating a Relationship to True Power

I have hit a point of no return. Last week was amazing. I have been revitalized and teeming with the energy I left behind when I was young. It was there before I came and will be there after I leave. It’s all-full, full of whatever it’s full of. Its all-flowing. It’s the everywhere in the passing scene. I am no longer interested in pinning it down with my judgments, fears nor my need for certainty, as if I could anyway. It is there to inform me and it is all-wise. I can trust it more fully than ever. I don’t want the false safety of the beliefs and systems that have bred living alone, being separate from the world and disenfranchised. I want to be fully here. If l am not animated I might as well be dead. I know that Dove is a master. I was so excited to talk with him about the specifics and the mechanics. It was the first phone meeting in awhile. We couldn’t meet in person but it didn’t really matter.

JON: I have a new lease on life and a lot of what we have been talking about I’m experiencing as normal and everyday.

DOVE: And how is it of greater significance?

JON: Events and interactions have more to them and I am starting to experience them energetically at 3rd, 4th, and 5th chakras. I am really in my body. I am more aware of it.   I have to breathe into those areas to manage. I don’t always know what to do and it can feel overwhelming. When I’m in old ways of being, it is feeling like something is off. So when that first occurs to me, I breathe to move into that and I seem to return to center. This is one thing that happens. I am also transforming relationships and I have more lightness and joy. Last Friday at Whole Foods Market was a peak experience, yet, I can see and want that to be my normal experience. It seems it is my birthright. Processing life through experiencing energy, emotions and feelings seems to be the mechanism to stay “on point”.

DOVE: You are finding that your body and energetic system quite naturally keeps you on center. That’s what you’ve been describing. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras usually take us off point. Even those chakras can work in a coordinated way to keep you centered. When you allow them, it allows you to step into and live in center.

JON: Allow is the operative word, experience them fully.

DOVE: Yes, that is how they are naturally designed. Another way of saying it is “your life is supposed to work”.

JON: When I’m not feeling energy, everything feels off, turned off.

DOVE: You are experiencing the flow of energy in line with the larger reality. This is a working out or a cultivating a relationship to power. So you are experiencing an instruction phase, being taught in a very basic way of how to:
1. step in by choice
2. to be in it
3. to maintain it
4. and what happens when you fall out
So, what’s going on are subtle experiments, micro-experiments and entrainment. That’s what happens. Another way of saying it is – you are experiencing be born into your own life, which is the real definition of what “being born again” means. It means awakened and born into your own experience so you are all there. It couldn’t be simpler.

JON: I am experiencing people and the world as more animated. But when I experience someone at close range, I slip into old familiar ways. Those old ways of experiencing and behaving just kick right in and I fall right out. I’m struggling with knowing about all that and what to do. I like this place I’m finding with the “Real Me” and want to stay here and also want stay here when I am at close range with others.

DOVE: That makes sense. With the energetic anatomy you step into their 8th chakra subtle body energy. The 8th is the aspect that is able to blend. Remember at Balboa Park, when you said people seemed to be in a bubble. That is so, they blend and overlap like in a Venn diagram. You are more aware. The closer you get, you plug into their archetypes as the 8th organizes your archetypal reality. Your old archetypes are getting triggered. It’s normal and it presents an opportunity to look at your own archetypal reality. When looking at your own archetypes, you are looking at the difference. Because you are looking from somewhere new, a new perspective, you need to look at it as an ”experience of an informative cross-triggering.” This is the next step.

JON: So, it feels like I am not going to relinquish my own energy, to play out old archetypes and that I am inviting “the other”, or others, to a new way of being themselves when we are together.

DOVE: You are getting stronger in your identity. You are being in charge of your experience as a relatively conscious one, but you are in charge because you have more choice. You are not just going to fall into any archetypal ride. It feels like a better mode of being and you are not relinquishing that, “just because.”

JON: I’ve seen my whole life as being this attempt to connect without fully connecting. I guess it depends on how much of me was there to connect to start with. How complicated it’s been! Now I’m feeling centered and wanting to speak only from that center instead of just “talking.” Speaking from there has an enormous impact on what I experience.

DOVE: Yes, cultivating that “perfect pitch” is a way of stating something that utterly resonates. You are engaged in that with your flute. It is ideal to be engaged in that process at all times, tuning 2nd, 3rd and 4th chakras to where your body is the perfect instrument. Your very being invites others in, as with your music. Regular chakras also have resonance and you can start to bring down a little bit of heaven on earth and the lower chakras begin to live in heaven. That becomes a normal experience and takes the work to a new level. All people and situations are training situations, to keep you centered rather than knocking you off center. Jon, this is turning the corner and becoming part of the grander situation.

JON: This turning the corner is the nitty-gritty about staying plugged in – getting the system working correctly. That naturally leads to appreciation of everything and all.

DOVE: Things become less threatening and stuff doesn’t terrorize you. You become co-operative, complimentary and evolutionary.

JON: This is the holding on to the self and entraining others or teaching by example.

DOVE: By being.

JON: And people naturally respond, because that is the way humans operate.

DOVE: I’ve said “it doesn’t matter what I say.” “It just happens by me showing up.” It’s about exemplifying being born into your life.

JON: It reminds me of the time and space when I was a child.

DOVE: You were a fully animated self.

JON: Since those are the glasses I’m donning now, I’m seeing everything as animated.

DOVE: Seeing everyone else is fine and you can witness their perfection in what they are doing and can experience people without reacting or judging. You get to simply be with people. They just are, it just is, and people are fine. You can experience it as a flower of human experience and experience the flower. When you are in that mode, you have a reservoir of energy since it’s not being spent on reaction. Therefore there is more of an energized immediacy to your experience. On one level it’s just simple physics

JON: Remember how we were talking about sugar, alcohol, drugs or addictions generally as giving us that temporary 9th experience.

DOVE: Its “goosing” the 8th chakra.

JON: I’m starting to exercise control over my eating.

DOVE: Does it feel like getting kicked out of heaven when you do your addiction?

JON: That’s it, absolutely.

DOVE: It betrays you. You get a little experience of revisiting betrayal and abandonment.

JON: Why would I want that?

DOVE: It is like an echo of original betrayal, in hope it will be different this time. The let-down is an echo of the original let-down, with hopes it won’t happen again.

JON: I don’t know what else to do. That is, I have been in a contracted one choice universe that I keep repeating and don’t know what else to do.

DOVE: You are in a loop till you awaken, until something wakes you up. So you can put it together – people need to do what they need to do until they don’t need to do it anymore. They just need to finish. One day something happens and it’s like “Whoaaa,” what was I doing?” You stop and look at it and then say, “Okay, I can stop doing that now that I know.” You have your desert awakening and you are back in the vibrancy of things.

JON: which is a higher place of the witness, that 9th observing the 8th.

DOVE: Like the rightness and efficacy of “Amazing Grace.” It’s about an epiphany. Suddenly you’re brought into the witness, the universal witness program like a lightening bolt in the 9th chakra experience. All the things you’ve been hearing about “waking up” make sense. The 9th chakra is like a near-death understanding.

JON: Okay, the 10th chakra, it’s got my curiosity. I’ve been to 12th in a near death experience and in a 12 point mediation 20 years ago. At least that’s what I’ve labeled it. I don’t really know how the numbers work.

DOVE: The 10th is the 1st chakra of your next incarnation. It’s like the beginning of a larger cycle, stepping more into the transpersonal and dealing in the collective big pool. That realm doesn’t have much to do with life here and tends to “space one out”. On a practical level it’s like learning what we signed up for here. The more grounded you are here, the more foundation there is when you go there. Most people are still figuring out the 4th, 5th 6th, 7th chakras. We know there are subsequent incarnations and they are all happening now. So the 10th starts to embody your “Future Self” and to personalize “I am the dream of Future John”. So the 9th is a portal, a membrane between incarnations and between dimensions. The real work is about the grounding of all of you, here. That’s what you signed up for here – this is the classroom you are in.

JON: You know that painting I bought of the ships on my stair wall. Well, someone was talking about the biblical reference of the ship as the soul.

DOVE: The ship is the soul, and the water is the unconscious and the emotions, and the mast and rudder and the sails are the mind. The winds are everyone’s collective ideas. Your mind is like a sail, collecting winds out there (collective). With skillful use of mind, a nimble mind, you can get places if you are not in the reactive mode. You need to develop sailing skills to propel you forward where the proper use of mind is in service to the soul.

JON: That is like the “right stepping” and knowing when to speak and what to say and not say.

DOVE: Speaking is a big deal. It’s like casting a net that others will react to or not. The more conscious you are, the net you cast serves you and relieves suffering.

JON: So it’s not so much about balance.

DOVE: Speaking creates a context in which judgment can be applied. As you wake up to all these realities and “between the world” realities from where witnessing can happen, your life naturally shifts. You get to experience true power and it’s from that other place where you witness. Certain qualities of leverage (intrapsychic) are possible and therefore you experience actual power. Shamanism has been defined as “one’s relationship to power.” When awake, you can apply it deftly and consciously.

JON: Last Friday at Whole Foods Market I felt like I was in my natural power.

DOVE: It showed you how wisdom became part of your body.

JON: Actually being in my life, in my body.

DOVE: That is being born, birthing.

JON: Suddenly the head is out and looking around.

DOVE: Realizing that you are here and alive, like, “Whoaaa where was I?” It was like in the movie Avatar, where consciousness gets put into bodies, 12 foot high bodies that can do amazing things. You stepped into your body and everything was alive – touch it and it glows.

JON: It is me coming into life and to my senses.