Anchoring The Transcendent


Telling true words opens space

I picked Dove up under the Normal Heights sign to drive to the park. I told him of the three years of archetype work I did with Aysha, and that she lived at the edge of this park. Aysha had developed a system for 8 years with a Chinese acupuncturist that mapped emotions to the meridian system of the human body. She would help me to remember how I behaved in my life through the emotions I had in me or was “carrying”. My trust in her ran very deep and I could truly and fully express myself without fear of her judgement. I would then experience what she called “archetypes,” not as ideas but in my body as energy; they were alive but not physical. It’s like they were locked in my body, and when I allowed true feeling it released them. It seemed they had a personality. Then I would experience extraordinary clarity. I would say it was transcendental, larger than ordinary. It was uncanny to me that afterwards, say the next day, something or somebody would spontaneously show up in my ordinary life that was the archetype, or perhaps I could now recognize as the archetype. Maybe it was always there, and now I could see it in other people or events around me. I pulled the truck over and we walked across the lawns to the picnic table by the edge of the canyon. This is what he told me:


DOVE:  In doing an evening session with 20 people, it can take some days afterwards to understand what actually happened. Things show up and unfold after the fact. At the time I am so focused just opening doors that sometimes I can only see the meaning later. It is about being the midwife of consciousness. One’s very presence becomes a soul-level invitation, and the soul responds to one’s authenticity. The microsecond before speaking, I know nothing but I am in extreme allowance.

JON:  These experiences with Aysha for me, were like the archetype manifested in my life, as either a person or some event. It was magical to me.

DOVE:  In the “Evenings for the Soul,” I’m shining a spotlight on a truth and people begin to intuit that it is true and become willing to open to more. As they go on, they see more truth and that is how each person is unraveling what they bring.

JON: I am seeing the parallels, and I am seeing a connection with my Talking Flutes program.  I use sound on the flute to bring things to an immediacy and an edge, and from there inner realities reveal themselves, the way you do it with words. You are showing me that words add precision, like a tangible architecture, or explanation, or something – they enliven everything. The flute and the words seem like complementary ways to bring the hidden inside, out, and to expand it.

DOVE:   Light and sound are transcendent. Adding the art of words is to anchor and integrate the transcendent; it is the process of getting more integrated.  It’s about tuning in to the right words and knowing that the right words exist. This reality can be articulated. “First there was the Word” and it was “Let there be Light.” So the words are keys that open up a space. They flip on a switch and allow energy to land. The experience of your reality has a vibration and so does a word. It becomes the art of finding the corresponding word to fit the vibration and it makes transcendence ordinary. Words are like notes. A key principle of music is that music only happens in silence. Notes are dividing points and one is sculpting infinity, painting where you are living in your your ordinary experience.

JON:  So it makes sense that telling true words opens space. On the other hand, this integration seems hard to pull off. There is so much distraction from people and things in this world that keeps me from such clarity.

DOVE:  Actually, one needs to ask, “What are distractions about?”  It’s always been about building up strengths, being the witness, and building spiritual muscle. Anyway, what choice do you have? Even if you want it to be different, it is what it is. Even death doesn’t release you.

JON:  So, the idea is, to be able to see everything without distressing over it?

DOVE:  The universe is exquisitely economical and nothing is wasted. There is meaning in everything and the universe won’t present anything unless you can handle it. There is a natural expansion and it will not waste a lesson. So with these things that are a distraction, what is required is to build spiritual muscle. What will distract you is what you need to develop, and in doing so, will keep you in the witness position. All of this begs a question – “What is the degree and magnitude and depth and dimension of love that is required to construct all this for you?” To put it another way, to what degree are you witnessed in deep love, as indicated by what has been constructed around you?

I was sitting on the bench, listening to Dove for some time speaking on the nature of joy, the importance of ritual containers to create a safe place for the soul to hang out in, and how my everyday life now is such a container and then he told me:

DOVE:  The soul is naturally in joy in the experience of union. In these sessions we are reminding you of that, by cultivating and prompting you to construct a container and to step into which is the archetype itself. The archetype you have been using has run its course and you are experiencing an invitation to a graduation. When an archetype is on its way out, you are usually flailing your arms, being prompted to grasp the next archetype. At the transition point, when the ship is sinking and has run its course, you naturally ask – “Where is God?” And just before the ship sinks, God comes out and says “peek-a-boo!” That is part of the drama. It’s about laying down the old frame and the fear around doing so. The fear is “if I lay this down I won’t exist.” Therefore it is a misguided fear, like graduating from high school. But it is the appropriate thing. There is a margin of uncertainty because your preparedness has been untested. You are experiencing the anxiety of its untested nature. Constantly laying down frames is what transcendence is like.

JON:  Do you remember me telling you about that most desperate incident in my life when I was three and I cried myself out until that dark presence came into my life?

DOVE:  I would like to suggest, and see if this makes sense, that the presence was not as dark as you may have said. I would suggest that this presence was actually you.

At that moment, I entered into a space as transcendent as a chemical induced high. I was in some other dimension; or rather some other dimension was in me. The entire physical world had an energetic aspect to it. Looking back on it now, as I write this remembrance, I know it was the higher transcendent aspect of me returning. I could see deeply into the energetic being of the things, and there were audio components to it as well.  This lasted for a full twenty minutes. I couldn’t write anything about this at the time, but I remember sharing it in words with Dove as it was happening. He sat there completely receptive, as if I had just shown up. Dove pointed out that there was 3 year old boy peddling his tricycle around our table as we talked, which couldn’t have been a more appropriate synchronicity. At the time, I looked to Dove to explain this bizarre experience and this is what he told me:

DOVE:  As a child, you built a boat around your mother and the ship went down. So it happened early in your development and it was a learning experience perceived as out of sequence. You were invited to embrace “the all” early in life. You were out of sync with other little kids which explains the difficulties you had getting accepted in grade school. You got gifted early for a reason, but you couldn’t conceptualize it as a gift. Only much later could you examine it for its truth, and that is now. Shamans tend to get things out of sync and perceive it as a curse, but look at what actually happened: that it was a gift, and you are called gifted. The trauma was locked in and you had no one to compare notes with and were stymied as a result. You got your gift early so that you could see in a particular way. It allowed you to be gifted in a particular way – you have struggled with the instruction manual. Everyone has a gift and constant change is the eternal flame that burns away old ways. You will find synchronicity happens more and more often in your life. It is important to be alert and aware of it. Your life will become like this, where associating meaning to things becomes normal. You can appreciate the wondrous nature of it and that’s what your life is. The universe co-operates and brings more and it becomes filled with things: wonders, sparkling and filled with awe, and you are no longer separate. You will cultivate a close intimate relationship with the universe, and the way it communicates is through direct experience of the ordinary. You have entered into a divine conversation. To start with, you are getting basic lessons that seem very stark at the beginning. You are experiencing various forms of “hurt the healer”. People test you, because you trigger their psychic immune system. When bad things happen, these things can help you get back to yourself and you eventually recover from it. Masters can disarm psychic immune systems. They become adept at how to not trigger them. They can become big and radiant or just small and slip through, but it’s doable and it’s an art form, navigating through the world as it is.

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